Stewart Harris

producer, managing partner

A former network news producer, Stew Harris is an innovator in the use of new media strategies to achieve public policy goals. He founded New Media Mill to bring new media strategies public policy advocates.

Harris worked 20 years as a reporter and producer, much of it at ABC News Primetime Live, 20/20 and a variety of syndicated and network programs with correspondents including Diane Sawyer, Chris Wallace and Bill O’Reilly. If you watched undercover video reports during the 1990s, you have probably seen Stew’s work.

Rasheed Willis

videographer, editor, managing partner

Our resident musician, stalwart cameraman, and jack of all trades, Rasheed Wills has experience in 8, 16, and 35 mm film, SD and HD video, as well as many types of audio equipment and techniques including field and studio mixers and recorders, field and studio sound recording, and usage of audio enhancers and editing software including experience with Pro Tools and BIAS Peak. Rasheed also has more than 8 years of video editing experience, with Apple Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro.

Jeff Stroud

editor, producer, managing partner


Kent Dirckx


Kent is the our mad scientist with a broad range of development skills : from PHP to MYSQL to jQuery, Kent is a deep code specialist. But he can also see the big picture, and revels in projects that he can design from the ground up. Better yet, Kent’s homespun humor and friendly midwestern style endear him to colleagues and clients alike.

Mike Dugan

web encoder, videographer

Sophie Koubek

web encoder, editor