For its 100th anniversary celebration at the base of the Washington Monument, the Girl Scouts needed a worldwide audience. After all…they planned to set the world record for largest sing-along and flash mob.

New Media Mill’s team of live encoding specialists made it happen, ensuring more than 40,000 scout fans and families viewed the girls in green dance and sing. A whopping 40 percent of those viewers watched on mobile devices.

Difficult productions are a specialty at New Media Mill.

On the technical side, we produced five streams for four hours uninterrupted programming. Two streams were for commercial sponsors, with live ad blocks switched into the video.

With no margin for failure on this high profile event, Girl Scouts commissioned multiple transmission paths from the mall. We placed satellite and microwave transmitters near the stage under the Washington Monument. Both signals were to our control room at 2000 M St.

Compression rates were adjusted on the fly to accommodate a hectic program with seven camera positions and swooping jib shots. The result: the performances looked stunning and the music was flawless.

If you want to learn more about streaming from the US Mall, give us a call at 728-0011 x101.