It is easily the most comprehensive automotive website in existence. Visit and find out why!

The Center for Auto Safety’s website offers the single most powerful search utility available to the car owning public.

We call it “Dossier.”

By inputting any vehicle make, model and year, visitors can instantly retrieve information from three government databases, as well as from other car owners who have made complaints.

It had to be.

The Center’s website is brimming with technical information that might confuse the average website user. only safety engineers understand the difference between a government “recall,” an “investigation,” or a “technical safety bulletin.”

Dossier delivers all of that in one, neat package, which might also include streaming video of government crash tests and accounts from car owners who report problems.

And Dossier delivers this in the blink of an eye.

New Media Mill has been working with Center for Auto Safety for years. Director Clarence Ditlow is committed to offering video news reports that give consumers the unvarnished truth about important auto issues ranging from rollover injuries to defective airbags to oil sludge.