On-line learning can be complicated so let New Media Mill design and build a system that will work best for your organization.

Our e-learning systems are used by organizations as diverse as the Internal Revenue Service, the Primary Care Coalition and the Death Penalty Information Center.

Of course, you don’t have to worry about being boxed into a proprietary system with no way out when you work with New Media Mill. Our on-line learning tools are open source, just like our websites.  That means there are no monthly fees to cause your course work to disappear if you fail to pay.  We turn over the keys to the site as soon as it is finished.

We offer hundreds of options, including custom certificates of completion, shopping carts to buy more than one course, course testing and quizzes and automatic course expiry, to name a few.

The systems we build are based on the Drupal content management system.  That means our clients can edit their courses or add new modules on their own.  Or, you can hire other developers to modify your system.  Every build comes with its own instruction manual.

Multimedia and synchronized slides are easy to add to our e-learning systems.  If you don’t have your own multimedia, let our multi-media team help you create meaningful instruction modules.


When it comes to heavy database utilities and deep content, we leverage the Drupal content management system. It is the choice of more enterprise level web initiatives than any other platform. WhiteHouse.gov, Sony BGM, Popular Science, Amnesty International…the list goes on and on.
We started building Drupal websites in 2006 when the CMS was still in the 4.x series. Our PHP and MYSQL developers attend DrupalCon most years and we have contributed many modules and bug fixes to the community.


For lower maintenance sites with eye appeal, we turn to WordPress. These sites are terrific for small digital footprints that may churn content, but perhaps don’t require deep database solutions.


On the design side, these days everything revolves around mobile platforms. Pew research anticipates mobile traffic will soon overtake desktop audiences. That means adaptive theming is a priority. For our own site, in 2013, we adopted a “mobile first” stylesheet. If you are on a phone, you know what we are talking about. If you are on a desktop…take a look see.
For a quote on your web job, call An at 202-728-0011 x102 or Stew at 202-728-0011×101.

Mobile Style Sheets

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Database Utilities

Imagine a website where you can learn how your car rates in crash tests. What if there was an on-line community of thousands of vehicle owners who shared their pet peeves? This resource exists at Center for Auto Safety and assembles all of this information in a single “dossier” for thousands of consumers every day.  It is one of the oldest and longest lasting in a long string of custom database utilities built by New Media Mill for organizations that have mountains of information, and need a single interface to share it with the public.

If you are a business, that massive inventory can be presented with ease using a database utility.  Examine the case of Frager’s Just Ask Rental on Capitol Hill.

Or, perhaps you need to find the gravesite of an ancestor at the Historic Congressional Cemetery.  Our database utility concatenates obits, death certificates and even maps the location of a site.  Don’t know how to spell the name?  This utility is so smart it can guess who you are trying to find.  Try for yourself at the Congressional Cemetery website.

The Death Penalty Information Center had a challenge.  The public need obscure details on executions and its staff was kept busy answering the questions of everyone from high school students to constitutional scholars. New Media Mill’s “Execution Database” was the solution.