Web Design

New Media Mill has been building websites for federal, non profit and union clients for 14 years. Our frameworks are Drupal and WordPress. Our design is mobile driven.


When it comes to heavy database utilities and deep content, we leverage the Drupal content management system. It is the choice of more enterprise level web initiatives than any other platform. WhiteHouse.gov, Sony BGM, Popular Science, Amnesty International…the list goes on and on.
We started building Drupal websites in 2006 when the CMS was still in the 4.x series. Our PHP and MYSQL developers attend DrupalCon most years and we have contributed many modules and bug fixes to the community.


For lower maintenance sites with eye appeal, we turn to WordPress. These sites are terrific for small digital footprints that may churn content, but perhaps don’t require deep database solutions.


On the design side, these days everything revolves around mobile platforms. Pew research anticipates mobile traffic will soon overtake desktop audiences. That means adaptive theming is a priority. For our own site, in 2013, we adopted a “mobile first” stylesheet. If you are on a phone, you know what we are talking about. If you are on a desktop…take a look see.
For a quote on your web job, call An at 202-728-0011 x102 or Stew at 202-728-0011×101.