Content Delivery

We work with non profits and we know their needs. Aspen, Carnegie and dozens more deliver their multimedia from our content delivery network. The features are one reason. And the economics are another.
Unlike other CDNs, your media is stored on your own Amazon bucket. That means you will never have the hassle of extracting your files from a sticky CDN. That is what those big boys are counting on to stay in business. Portability is our motivation.
The feature set is also a big reason. Events are everything to think tanks. And users want to navigate those files…not watch them from start to finish. Our New Media Manager allows users to create jump links to the event speakers. Add to this all the features you are accustomed to on YouTube, including sharing, encoding, captions and you understand why New Medai Mill is the CDN of choice in Washington DC.

  • P1020191-200Flexible Architecture The need was specific. Non profits had the choice of spending boatloads on a traditional CDN that helped them publish players or…they could go with a one-size-fits-all, “free” solution that offered shifting terms regarding file sizes advertising and other rather important details. Enter New Media Manager.
  • P1020216-200Custom Everything! This is the interface where you get to add those details that differentiate your media. A custom CSS style can be used to skin the player in special ways, especially if you are interested in a pop-up solution. Need an open slate? Add as many as you like and select when you are authoring a media clip. How about a watermark? Pick from those here, too!
  • P1020216-200Much More: Here is where it gets interesting. Most CDNs will only store media in one place. Here you can see that a client can select from various locations, including their own Amazon buckets, which can be viewed right from the New Media Manager interface. Liberating, no?
  • P1020216-200Best for Last We all know how busy our web audience gets,right? Be kind to them. This interface allows you to create the buttons that they will use to jump around inside an event video. Not everyone wants to hear the full moderator introductions. Except the moderator, of course.